Monsieur, you spoil us…

I just got back from setting up a chocolate gold themed wedding…
The first thing that sprung to mind when we started planning (although some people do think they are dead naff I know ) was that there had to be some classic Ferraro Rocher towers, of course! And so it was my job to make 2 as table dressing for the chocolate banquet table.

I cannot believe how many boxes we got through (about 24 x 24 piece boxes in total for 2 60cm towers)

Note: you need more than you think, especially if you plan to top up as the guests eat.






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The National Wedding Show …

This week saw a styling job at Olympia’s National Wedding fair.

I’ve never been to a wedding show before but have worked on quite a few weddings, so the experience was a bit of an insight into the business side of martrimony. I’m a little overwhelmed by how big this event is- especially when they were driving classic cars into the space – and sound checking what sounded suspiciously like a Game of Thrones soundtrack. However,  I got to climb on a 4m high wedding cake so in that sense was in my element.

IMG_0464 IMG_0456

Blenheim Palace




Working at Blenheim Palace – I still have the sunburn to prove that it did indeed happen, it was all a bit of a whirlwind, and there was definitely not much sleep but it definitely happened. Note below is a herb bar, which I planted up and was serving mojitos all night long at the wedding after party. It’s something I think I’d quite like to replicate in my own garden as mojitos on tap, seems like a staple must for any home.