In appreciation of the “bathing suit”

Could it be possible that I own too many vintage swimming costumes?

These are my just 3 of mine;

I love them so… But you can’t actually wear them. They are barely waterproof, the elastic is buggered and they do this funny poofy thing when you get into the water.

Still, there’s still joy in being a collector and they make the occasional appearance at fancy dress parties “daft punk” style.

It pays homage to Esther Williams, Hollywood mermaid of my heart.






Deptford Market

It is a mission to go down to Deptford and trawl painstakingly through piles of tat which let’s face it are dead person’s bric a brac. 


If you can’t find what you want anywhere else it will probably be at Deptford. It is a reliable resource in one’s little black book for sourcing anything weird from black and white holiday photos to birdbaths. And yesterday I went there to find a drill because a decent, new one would have cost a bomb. So, I thought I could find a good second hand option and I did- a good Dewalt cordless!



Here is a list of all the things I have ever bought at Deptford Market.

A drill

A keepsakes book from 1930

A Satchel

A first aid handbook

Some ageing sheet music

A magnifying glass

A knickerbocker glory glass

1 pair of boots

A picnic basket

An old tennis racquet plus stretcher

A snow white snowglobe

A joblot of photoframes.

…I can’t recall anything else. But there’s definitely been some bigger things because I remember struggling back from there arms laden.

Vintage by the kilo.


Firstly, I do not believe that because something’s old it’s vintage. Obviously, when I heard about buying vintage clothes by the weight, I wanted to go because it sounded too good to be true. And I think it was because I was tired and grumpy/ it was trying to snow but not succeeding and my phone was slowly giving up the ghost but I really couldn’t hack it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a rummage. But the huge vats of clothes that were dotted around this warehouse space really scared me. They were mostly dead people clothes from the 90s and a lot of crochet- when you pulled out a sleeve of a trouser leg it had always knotted itself around a pair of tights or a Tesco bag. I had the distinct guttural reaction against the idea of wearing the clothes because it made my skin crawl. But that’s ok, I only paid a pound to get in so I cut my losses and trotted off to work. 

Still, I would recommend it if you happened to be costume sourcing because it was cheap and to some extent eclectic. 


Traid- I like the smell of their washing powder.


My flatmate told me about the Traid sales a while back. I sort of turned my nose up at them because she only wears black and I only wear colour so I became of the impression they just sold a variety of 90s black knitwear. I was wrong. I have been into two Traid stores this week, Dalston High Street and Wood Green High Street and I came away with purchases in both.

The Dalston branch needless to say … was more chic, full of hipsters and really organised (bizarrely) Which was refreshing, as I had already rolled up my sleeves ready for the rummage somewhat needlessly. Everything was 3 quid with the exception of coats and dresses which in both stores were 4 and 6 pounds. There was also an interesting range of ethnic clothes mostly African, some saris and I even tried on a floor length Chinese number. I thought about buying some African clothes so I could use the fabric but instead I bought useful, high heeled, black lace up boots, which I wore out on saturday and they didn’t even give me blisters.

The Wood Green branch was a nightmare to rummage through and was full of people. Despite this everything was £2 and I bought a purple, sparkly, cropped, polo neck,  so it was worth the effort.

N.B Watch out for Newlook and Primark shoes- they are abundant and no one should have to buy them second hand.  

My new pet!

I was casually christmas shopping in Camden’s “Rockit Vintage” and out of the corner of my eye I saw a tamogotchi- well understandably- I had to have it. (sod buying other people presents, it was only 4 quid and brings me limitless happiness)  It was bright pink and sparkly and came with a little green plectrum. I used to have a Red one called Dino… he died weekly. Now I have a this one called Lilli (the name was already on it) who is presently starving because I can’t remember how to work the tamagotchi operating system.

I’m going to dye my hair to match it.


This is Lilli!

Emergency Vintage!

I have been working on a show of late… which has absorbed all of my weekends and the wrap party was last night… so now I have my life back at least up until christmas. The theme of the party was 1940s starlet and I was in a conundrum because ever since my flatmate’s cat (and it’s fleas) took a fancy to my wardrobe I have started keeping my vintage dresses at my mum’s to avoid dry cleaning bills. Which makes spontaneous dressing up a bit problematic. I had an LBD (negligee type thing) but I wanted to look of the era and it was effectively a nightie… so in my lunch break I popped down to “Frockney Rebel”. It’s an attractive vintage shop that I have often wanted to browse when I have passed it on the bus partly because of it’s tongue in cheek name.

This was power shopping! On a time limit, a budget and with quite a specific brief.

Ten minutes and £18 later it delivered… and I was saved by a super slinky white pencil skirt, which I thought looked pretty hot even if I do say so myself.

Not a lot of stock but that can be a blessing at times and the staff are happy-go-lucky.

frockney rebel