Monsieur, you spoil us…

I just got back from setting up a chocolate gold themed wedding…
The first thing that sprung to mind when we started planning (although some people do think they are dead naff I know ) was that there had to be some classic Ferraro Rocher towers, of course! And so it was my job to make 2 as table dressing for the chocolate banquet table.

I cannot believe how many boxes we got through (about 24 x 24 piece boxes in total for 2 60cm towers)

Note: you need more than you think, especially if you plan to top up as the guests eat.






<img src="http://



Shortbread Smalls

I was going to send these tiny little biscuits out as invitations… However, I completely underestimated my propensity to eat as I bake- I don’t think the shortbread would have survived the post in one piece anyway.




Blowing hot air…

Today hosted a continuation of the bubble investigation. And I think I may have cracked sugar blowing.

They said it would come with practice, I think fluke is more likely. But hey, look at the size of it!



Blowing Bubbles

I’ve been working with sugar for a while now but today I tried my hand at blowing sugar glass bubbles…

It’s a bit tricksy and I don’t have the proper equipment but as a first attempt I think it’s got potential. It’s kind of like popping gum.

The plan is:

There’s going to be a sugar bubble galaxy… Which will feature at a space night at Dalston’s Power lunches next month.