Emergency Vintage!

I have been working on a show of late… which has absorbed all of my weekends and the wrap party was last night… so now I have my life back at least up until christmas. The theme of the party was 1940s starlet and I was in a conundrum because ever since my flatmate’s cat (and it’s fleas) took a fancy to my wardrobe I have started keeping my vintage dresses at my mum’s to avoid dry cleaning bills. Which makes spontaneous dressing up a bit problematic. I had an LBD (negligee type thing) but I wanted to look of the era and it was effectively a nightie… so in my lunch break I popped down to “Frockney Rebel”. It’s an attractive vintage shop that I have often wanted to browse when I have passed it on the bus partly because of it’s tongue in cheek name.

This was power shopping! On a time limit, a budget and with quite a specific brief.

Ten minutes and £18 later it delivered… and I was saved by a super slinky white pencil skirt, which I thought looked pretty hot even if I do say so myself.

Not a lot of stock but that can be a blessing at times and the staff are happy-go-lucky.

frockney rebel