Cash and Rocket

Every year 70 uber-successful, gorgeous and utterly enviable women are hand picked to go on a road trip to visit various European cities in 35 red sports cars for charity (as to which one, it changes every year I think?)  This year they are driving from London to Venice via Geneva and Paris of course. The whole saga gets sponsored by fashion houses such as Valentino, who conceivably like the red theme. It is just so very glamorous.

In any case last night Cash and Rocket had a launch party at The Net a Porter head offices, I was working on their scarlet themed soiree, which looked like how I’d imagine it would look like if you held a party inside the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. I can promise that nothing is more exciting than receiving a van full of pre-inflated balloons,  if I had all the money in the world I would buy a van load of foil balloons and roll around in it with a bottle of champagne. 






Flowers for Fendi

Despite the deluge outside, we set up a very Spring like event at Sotheby’s for the opening of the new Fendi store in New Bond St on Thursday night. I think these are my favourite flowers from any event that I’ve done- We had peonies  nearly as big as dinner plates and the whole room smelt so heady. I made sure to take home a few bunches but it wasn’t nearly as striking as when they are all here en masse.


Pick me up, Buttercup

ImageI think there must come a time in every designer’s life when somebody says “let’s say it with flowers” and some how you end up making 10ft sq of paper petals. Yesterday, I worked for Lucy Butler ( ) a lovely set designer, who had this exact dilemma and naturally needed all hands on deck. There is some thing very therapeutic about being part of a paper flower factory! These ones are destined for a Harrods online shoot, taking place today.



Mermaid Shoes

If Mermaids wore shoes they would only wear Charlotte Olympia’s.  Killer heels plus a giant mound of crushed ice, dressed with the the largest crab I have ever seen = gratuitous goodness and what must be a pretty powerful aphrodisiac. Last Friday morning at Scott’s fish restaurant, I set dressed this shoot for the Charlotte Olympia SS14 shoe collection. My favourite bit of this experience was draping the seaweed and prawns over the shoes to make it look as though it had just washed up that way and digging the heels into the ice like they were mini ice picks… it’s exactly what stilettos ought to be used for. ImageImageThese are my reference pictures, the (super talented) photographer Julia Kennedy’s work will be published in Vogue Japan this January.

Welcome to Wisteria Lane

Got to love a desperate housewife… I worked on this set yesterday for a press launch, which I believe happened today. The event heralded the launch of the S/S14 collection for Highstreet brand Oasis – they were aiming towards a Stepford meets W.I. meets Darling Buds of May look. It is so my street! Twee to the point of sinister. We spent the best part of the morning yesterday playing tetras with neon astro-turf in what seemed like an underground car park in Soho. It only got glamorous when the topiary bunnies arrived. But oh when they did!


oasis 1

oasis 3

oasis 2


Ladies who lunch

I’m a little behind with updating my journal, as it were but this is an event I was involved in a couple of weeks ago the Louis Vuitton Ladies’ Lunch at Selfridges. There were three events to mark the new department opening at Selfridges and consequently we had a gloriously long stint back of house in The Selfridges matrix laying illustrated table cloths, polishing custom made bento boxes and stacking card holders on silver trays for the signature French maids to carry.

The most exciting thing about this was riding the new spiral elevator. It’s spins as it escalates and looks like a double helix… just like Roald Dahl’s great glass escalator. Not quite sure why it has to do this but it’s damn impressive.




This is The Charlotte Olympia showcase which I was working on this week at Paris Fashion Week- Got to love a retro nautical theme. There was pink sand, gold lobsters and a boat bar! The entrance looked like my little sea pony had taken on the lost city of atlantis and inside there were so many shoes. Nia embroidered the tablecloths with anchors because she machine embroiders like a ninja.