Monsieur, you spoil us…

I just got back from setting up a chocolate gold themed wedding…
The first thing that sprung to mind when we started planning (although some people do think they are dead naff I know ) was that there had to be some classic Ferraro Rocher towers, of course! And so it was my job to make 2 as table dressing for the chocolate banquet table.

I cannot believe how many boxes we got through (about 24 x 24 piece boxes in total for 2 60cm towers)

Note: you need more than you think, especially if you plan to top up as the guests eat.






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The Surrealist Ball

This weekend I was working at the most fabulously decadent ball – It was based on the infamous surrealist ball that Marie Rothschild held at Le Château de Ferrières in 1972, completely dreamlike, bizarre and trippy.

You were greeted by the building ablaze (done with fire troughs and lighting effects), Followed by actors dressed up as admirals, jesters and dancing lampshades. An illustrated sushi bar with sashimi in sardine cans, banquet table, A ballet, with a fireworks display and a dancing nose.

I was working at the event but had also been asked to make some surrealist eye head dresses, so that the birthday girl could re-enact this photo from the original ball.


I haven’t seen all of the photos from the party yet but here’s my version of the eyes made in papier-mâché the old fashioned way with a balloon and a lot of PVA glue. Which I reckon is fairly accurate?

IMG_2387and here’s what else they got up to …

IMG_2367 Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.53.15

Blenheim Palace




Working at Blenheim Palace – I still have the sunburn to prove that it did indeed happen, it was all a bit of a whirlwind, and there was definitely not much sleep but it definitely happened. Note below is a herb bar, which I planted up and was serving mojitos all night long at the wedding after party. It’s something I think I’d quite like to replicate in my own garden as mojitos on tap, seems like a staple must for any home.



Murder under the sun

Agatha Christie set her Poirot mystery novel “murder under the sun”,  on an island just off Devon, which was based on Burgh Island. A tiny little sun trap of an island with very little on it expect a  picture perfect 1930s hotel and a medieval pub called the Pilchard Inn, both of which are kept to this day, in pristine condition. The staff who run the hotel make sure of this and observe every standard to ensure that there guests are catered for. It is wonderful and has the best scones I have ever eaten! I had the privilege of getting to work on an event there, a couple of weeks ago and it was hands down my favourite events location, that I have been to thus far. I hope to return there some day as a guest. 

Note: the chocolate fishes are by Rococo of course and the cake is none other than Choccywhoccydoodah.ImageImage



Cash and Rocket

Every year 70 uber-successful, gorgeous and utterly enviable women are hand picked to go on a road trip to visit various European cities in 35 red sports cars for charity (as to which one, it changes every year I think?)  This year they are driving from London to Venice via Geneva and Paris of course. The whole saga gets sponsored by fashion houses such as Valentino, who conceivably like the red theme. It is just so very glamorous.

In any case last night Cash and Rocket had a launch party at The Net a Porter head offices, I was working on their scarlet themed soiree, which looked like how I’d imagine it would look like if you held a party inside the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. I can promise that nothing is more exciting than receiving a van full of pre-inflated balloons,  if I had all the money in the world I would buy a van load of foil balloons and roll around in it with a bottle of champagne. 





Flowers for Fendi

Despite the deluge outside, we set up a very Spring like event at Sotheby’s for the opening of the new Fendi store in New Bond St on Thursday night. I think these are my favourite flowers from any event that I’ve done- We had peonies  nearly as big as dinner plates and the whole room smelt so heady. I made sure to take home a few bunches but it wasn’t nearly as striking as when they are all here en masse.


Pencil Pushing

The stunning red head featured below… Sophie Ansell and The Victoria and Albert Museum have kindly sent me their photographic evidence of last Friday which has been uploaded to my website duly:

It’s a bit like receiving presents through the post. Lucky for me that Sophie is quite so handy with a camera, please see her website for nice things, Yippee!