Monsieur, you spoil us…

I just got back from setting up a chocolate gold themed wedding…
The first thing that sprung to mind when we started planning (although some people do think they are dead naff I know ) was that there had to be some classic Ferraro Rocher towers, of course! And so it was my job to make 2 as table dressing for the chocolate banquet table.

I cannot believe how many boxes we got through (about 24 x 24 piece boxes in total for 2 60cm towers)

Note: you need more than you think, especially if you plan to top up as the guests eat.






<img src="http://




“Little Boxes, little boxes and they’re all made out of ticky tacky…

… Little boxes in the window and they all look just the same, there’s a pink one and green one and a blue one and a yellow one and they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same!”

(to quote Malvina Reynolds obviously!)

My Southbank advent calendar is finally up. It will be on Southbank for two months, hanging throughout November until the first day of advent when we start to open up the boxes.

I’m well chuffed. Thank you to Nia, for her assistance and also to Jane Le Bon, a visual-mechandising whizz.



A packaging experience

This is the mark 1. packaging for my sugar toys… I think it’s back to the drawing board because It’s a bit “Shonky” for the want of a better word” BUT I still love little boxes covered in tack. Image



Space is Ace

Finally the sugar blowing is put to use…

I’ve just finished hanging my edible sugar solar system at a space themed night in Dalston tonight.

Mel, the organiser of the night is running her “Space is Ace” event for the first time tonight at Power Lunches. It’s very glittery and combines what I imagine a teenage-wannabe-astronaut’s bedroom looks like with intergalactic unicorns.

fingers crossed people lick my planets!



Blowing hot air…

Today hosted a continuation of the bubble investigation. And I think I may have cracked sugar blowing.

They said it would come with practice, I think fluke is more likely. But hey, look at the size of it!






It is the height of summer, so now is the perfect time to get my knitting needles out. It may seem counter intuitive but this is the only that I actually manage to get anything finished in time for christmas. 

Maybe it’s because I work on window displays, that I’m used to planning christmas 6 months in advance but I like to start thinking about it really early.

In any case I wanted to knit a (dead) kitty scarf with crosses for eyes and a rabbit one too. On googling this it seems that these ones from Lithuania are by far the cutest on the internet.

We shall see whether it works out for me.

Easter Bunnies

Mr Finch, from Yorkshire, makes delightful creatures…


ImageYes it is true, they are not bunnies they are hares. But they have been bought to my attention never the less because they are beautiful!

They are so delicately embroidered and I like how vulnerable the little foetus hair looks. I would love to know how big they are…I hope they are super tiny.