Nancy Bar

Channelling our best The Cure/ Placebo/ Republica playlist we regressed back to our childhoods for our nineties inspired theme bar: The Amy Grimehouse Team put on a trashtastic night where you could Hex your Ex and dance supercamp cabaret before taking your seats to watch a screening of “The Craft”. Needless to say cocktails were mandatory and served, we like to think, with plenty of grunge attitude and space raider crisps of course!



The Candlelight club


I normally avoid anything brandishing the offensive words St Patricks Day Party. But on Friday I went to the candlelight club- I have always wanted to go. It’s a prohibition speak easy in a secret location in London. They were doing an Irish-American themed event in homage to all things leprechaun shaped. I was sceptical but went with it.

It was fun to get dressed up all 20s, drink cocktails and smoke cigars. 

But the event was a little bit lack-lustre. Only made worse by the band’s intermittent chatanooga choo choo style renditions of “The Irish Rover” which served to confuse the dance floor as to whether they should jig or charleston?

The cocktails were lovely! All Irish themed. My favourite one was “emerald isle” it had pureed kiwi in it (kiwis are green- so is Ireland- that’s the link)  yum. Also the “porteeni” porcin martini was excellent. 

I had fun.

But I was in good company and wouldn’t feel the need to return.