Nancy Bar

Channelling our best The Cure/ Placebo/ Republica playlist we regressed back to our childhoods for our nineties inspired theme bar: The Amy Grimehouse Team put on a trashtastic night where you could Hex your Ex and dance supercamp cabaret before taking your seats to watch a screening of “The Craft”. Needless to say cocktails were mandatory and served, we like to think, with plenty of grunge attitude and space raider crisps of course!



The Craft- Valentine’s Massacre

Next Saturday, Amy Grimehouse- East London’s favourite concept cinema sensation are screening “The Craft” at Sutton house – a Tudor Manor House in Hackney

We couldn’t help but get involved, so we are running a occult themed cocktail bar. Where we will be selling potions to punters.


E Voilà- Wes Anderson for Prada

Prada Candy L’eau

The new Prada Candy commercial- is parfait. There are three bijoux little french films about the oh-so flighty Lea Seydoux and the plight of being caught at the centre of a fabulously French Ménage à trois.

I liked their last campaign but obviously Wes Anderson added a touch of his own style and made me want to buy the perfume. It’s on my wishlist and I don’t even like it.


Future Cinema… back on the inside.

Today was the dress rehearsal for the latest Future Cinema. This production of the Shawshank Redemption which ran over from Secret Cinema’s last endeavour is something I was working on throughout Autumn. I did an installation for them and ended up performing and now I’m back for the next run with my flatmates. It’s a fun bunch of people and they are an awesome company to work for- and I get to pretend I’m an actress. Though this is far from the truth it is all too easy to fall into the role of a medical professional from the deep South.

This being said, I have blue hair and am playing the part of a 1950s nurse. So I had quite a lot of fun this afternoon trying to remedy the problem by picking out a suitable wig from Dalston High Street… I bought a proper Dolly Parton wig, big, blonde and bouncy. I may look a bit ridiculous but I fell slightly in love with having some long flowing locks.