Monsieur, you spoil us…

I just got back from setting up a chocolate gold themed wedding…
The first thing that sprung to mind when we started planning (although some people do think they are dead naff I know ) was that there had to be some classic Ferraro Rocher towers, of course! And so it was my job to make 2 as table dressing for the chocolate banquet table.

I cannot believe how many boxes we got through (about 24 x 24 piece boxes in total for 2 60cm towers)

Note: you need more than you think, especially if you plan to top up as the guests eat.






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The National Wedding Show …

This week saw a styling job at Olympia’s National Wedding fair.

I’ve never been to a wedding show before but have worked on quite a few weddings, so the experience was a bit of an insight into the business side of martrimony. I’m a little overwhelmed by how big this event is- especially when they were driving classic cars into the space – and sound checking what sounded suspiciously like a Game of Thrones soundtrack. However,  I got to climb on a 4m high wedding cake so in that sense was in my element.

IMG_0464 IMG_0456

Nancy Bar

Channelling our best The Cure/ Placebo/ Republica playlist we regressed back to our childhoods for our nineties inspired theme bar: The Amy Grimehouse Team put on a trashtastic night where you could Hex your Ex and dance supercamp cabaret before taking your seats to watch a screening of “The Craft”. Needless to say cocktails were mandatory and served, we like to think, with plenty of grunge attitude and space raider crisps of course!


The Craft- Valentine’s Massacre

Next Saturday, Amy Grimehouse- East London’s favourite concept cinema sensation are screening “The Craft” at Sutton house – a Tudor Manor House in Hackney

We couldn’t help but get involved, so we are running a occult themed cocktail bar. Where we will be selling potions to punters.


Aristocracy Archive at The Wallace Collection

My friend (and costumier) Elektra and I made a photo opportunity installation at The Wallace Collection last Friday and we now finally have the pictures courtesy of Sophie Ansell, who was slaving away taking pictures of all of the people that came through the museum.

The theme of the night was “cultural collecting” so our idea was that no one is allowed to add or take away from The Wallace Collection but we thought we’d break the rules and help people join the galleries for one night only.

wallace 1 wallace 2 wallace 3 wallace 4 wallace 5

Pandora “Enchanted Forest”




Last Week, a project I designed for Pretty Green Ltd PR co. went live for Pandora jewellery’s A/W collection. We wanted to make the shop like a golden fairy tale forest and I’m really happy to finally see it after it went into production. Also… I quite want an arch like this for my front door, it would make everyday a launch party.

Welcome to Wisteria Lane

Got to love a desperate housewife… I worked on this set yesterday for a press launch, which I believe happened today. The event heralded the launch of the S/S14 collection for Highstreet brand Oasis – they were aiming towards a Stepford meets W.I. meets Darling Buds of May look. It is so my street! Twee to the point of sinister. We spent the best part of the morning yesterday playing tetras with neon astro-turf in what seemed like an underground car park in Soho. It only got glamorous when the topiary bunnies arrived. But oh when they did!


oasis 1

oasis 3

oasis 2