Never too old for party games

Last Friday, Indeedy inc. (a company I work for) co-hosted a night with The Robin Collective at Bethnal green working men’s club.

The Hunger Party Games!.

There was loads of dry ice, we were all a bit tipsy and my boss Jess was dressed up as the most convincing Effie Trinket imaginable

Pin the tail on the muttation
Pass the parcel of death
And and of course musical chairs (where all the losers were maimed) were my favourite games.

Don’t get me wrong I really don’t know all that much about The Hunger games (it appears to be a hybrid between Brazil and Battle Royale? ) but I enjoyed the evening immensely …It made me want to sing praises eternally to organised fun! People like to knock it but nobody’s too good for a dress code, party games, nibbles or WKD. I may even be tempted to read the book now.





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