Bumper-triple chocolate ice cream sundaes!

Earlier I was having a little energy slump and the climate was right for ice cream. So… we decided that the only way to fight the ennui was over-indulgent, ridiculous rocky road sundays…Image(the pictures shit)


Chocolate Brownies



Chocolate Fudge Ice cream

Mini Marshamallows 

and Marischino Cocktail Cherries


Actually, I think mine superceded the ice cream parlour that I was taken to last week. Issy’s “Milky Way’ Bar in Camden Passage, Islington. It was all 50s diner style and the lady working there had pin curls. It was cute, the wall paper wonderful, there were chinzy super  kitsch ceramic poodles, and the option of hot dogs after your sundae but mine was still better.




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London based sticker and gluer.

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