The tragic demise of the Icecreamists

God save the Cream!…

Used to be “The Icecreamists” battle cry



I was extremely sad to see that this awesome fetish themed ice cream parlour which used to reside in Covent Garden has been forced to close.

Okay, I probably should have noticed before now. It has been closed for a while but I tried to find it the other day and it was missing. “Oh! The recession” I sighed to myself. BUT on inspection, I found this blog post…

It makes you so angry at Bureaucracy! Jesus christ, eccentricities like this are the reason people come to London. We are meant to be a forward thinking city and then the council goes and fucks it right up in favour of what?! not causing offense probably.

Political correctness is going to kill this country.

It’s Ok, the Icecreamists are going to make a range of ice creams for Waitrose and they have a book.



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