Ambika P3

Is the weirdest little gallery. It kind of resembles an underground car park in the basement of a building opposite Madame Tussauds. I have been there a couple of times. First off to see this weird installation of millions of old televisions slowly turning off during the digital changeover. (End Piece: David Hall) It was en masse so everything has an impact when its that large but other than that I could definitely take it or leave it.

The other day I went to the Kinetica Art Fair in the same venue, which was really cool. It was a little bit packed in and badly curated, much like a degree show but there were so many clever things happening.  

My favourite thing, although a photograph definitely wouldn’t do it justice, was a running horse made out of lights by Remi Brun. Initially, you couldn’t see that it was a horse, it had some flashing lights sparsely distributed over an amorphis wire frame. Then you began to see that the motion of the moving lights was indeed mimicking the distinctive way a horse gallops. It appeared to look more and more like a horse the more you looked. 

There were many automaton, some that could mirror your own movements, holograms, strobe, projections, LEDs, Rube Goldberg Machines and animatronics. 

I left in a daze from the amount of freaky lights but a happy, kind of drunken daze, maybe that’s part of the magic of it?



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