Vintage by the kilo.


Firstly, I do not believe that because something’s old it’s vintage. Obviously, when I heard about buying vintage clothes by the weight, I wanted to go because it sounded too good to be true. And I think it was because I was tired and grumpy/ it was trying to snow but not succeeding and my phone was slowly giving up the ghost but I really couldn’t hack it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a rummage. But the huge vats of clothes that were dotted around this warehouse space really scared me. They were mostly dead people clothes from the 90s and a lot of crochet- when you pulled out a sleeve of a trouser leg it had always knotted itself around a pair of tights or a Tesco bag. I had the distinct guttural reaction against the idea of wearing the clothes because it made my skin crawl. But that’s ok, I only paid a pound to get in so I cut my losses and trotted off to work. 

Still, I would recommend it if you happened to be costume sourcing because it was cheap and to some extent eclectic. 



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