“The Bigger Splash”

This is an exhibition at the Tate modern on Performance art- or more precisely about “Painting after performance” – which I’m not sure what means because the exhibition was not heavy on paintings, but Hey. The first few rooms were mostly photos/videos of naked people chucking paint around. I went with 2 other arty types and we have all been briefed on the history of the discipline- we can safely concur that this is indeed a crash course in performance art and it may roll a few eyes.

We found it great fun because we loudly disdained the curation, we loudly debated whether photography could be performative and were loudly being rude about the works themselves. Everyone in the gallery must of hated us… but we didn’t really like anything that morning, so I guess it all adds up. We were shockingly pretentious but I would suggest adopting a similar guise if you intend to go, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it otherwise.

One piece did stand out to me as extremely stylish- one for the archive, I though…

That was the re-creation of Jean Cocteau’s bedroom which is like a retro-futuristic/pastel – deco illustration . There were giant fake diamonds in the ash tray- so, so cool !!!!!!!!



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