Pomp de Franc- Bespoke Baking

pomp de franc

Last week, I went to help out Katie Franklin of the “Pomp de Franc” cake society. She makes the most delightful concept cakes for events, in particular to go with Fashion collections. They are so creative and it’s really exciting to be around that much edible artwork. When I arrived she was making red and gold fortune cookies for a jewellery auction at Harrods. A few of which contained some actual earrings and pendants. The best thing about them was that these were the sort of fortune cookies that you’d actually want to eat- they were so yummy!

This is the kind of work that she does… in her darling little studio in Shoreditch.

pomp de franc1

She had me and another girl playing with rice paper coming up with edible origami designs for decorating cupcakes. These cupcakes were for Fred Butler’s (one of my favourite, favourite designers) showcase at London Fashion Week. They looked really inedible in a range of pastel tones, using crazy culinary stuff I’d never seen like spray paint which you can eat. Fred Butler’s new collection also had a really nice textile we were using as the stimulus.

pomp de franc



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