Curly Wurly Cake is out of this world…

When I used to live in Southwark, I used to pass this bakery every day. They had a little loyalty card shaped like a monopoly board and I used to take anyone who came to visit my side of London in there. The shop is wonderfully violet- the colour of Willy Wonka but a little more sophisticated and it’s called Konditor and cook. I first became interested in it because of a Saturday job I used to have in a hairdressers when I was a teenager, where the boss insisted every once in ever while that we all have a slice of this divine cake that they used to stock in the posh tea shop down the road- The cake was curly wurly chocolate cake (or is it Curly whirly)


It is divine- no more to say about it.

The tea shop said that they bought all their cakes from this bespoke bakery near Waterloo… . So when I moved nearby, and had to pass it everyday- I put on a good half a stone.

Yesterday, after going to the Tate we went there- and bought some miniature delectables- chocolate and raspberry mini fudge tarts! Oh my! They are a maximum of 4 mouthfuls but so good- we ate them standing on a purple doorstep with sunglasses- it was a beautiful moment.


N.B doorstep that i refer to is on the right hand side of the picture. This is just the bakery not the cafe.


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