The Light Show

I wore my favourite neons to “the light show” at the Hayward Gallery last week- in honour of all things that shine.



There was a massive queue- I suppose because a show full of light installations might appeal to a lot of middle age/ middle class people that say they embrace modern art but don’t want to be caught up in politics. This show fuels that kind of demand. It was nice-  lights are pretty. However, I think I’d rather look at city scapes at night time for a range of interesting artificial light pollution. It’s not that I wanted the pieces to be particularly potent in terms of content but they did feel completely conceptually redundant- so I felt a bit inert about it.

Lots of the pieces looked like cutting edge chandeliers in a large London night club.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not undermining how amazing lighting can be. The Tate Modern had it right when they exhibited the U.V. installation at the Kusama exhibition-  cool use of lights, mirrors and water.  


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