Zombie Apocalypse at the Science Museum


Scientists research zombie brain activity.


My little zombie! Perfect Pet material


This weekend is the zombie lab weekend at the Science Museum. We had an awesome late night on Wednesday with Djs, speed dating, thriller flash mob, lectures, silent disco, workshops, video games etc.  It was rammed full of people, mostly dressed up, mostly drunk and fun was had by all. I was herding zombies in the role of “zombie handler”- which is somewhere between a glorified zookeeper, scientist and prison screw.  Again I find myself in a postion of authority abusing my power to supercede scare actors dressed up as the undead. I have to question whether I get a sick kick out of it or whether it just kind of happens and I go with it. I think its somewhere between the two.

I zombiesat Amy and Conor on Wednesday both level 3 zombies (those with a full term infection- no hopers). Both of them are pictured above, they were the best blood dribbling pets ever and I think quite adorable once domesticated. Zombies look great pressing buttons and trapping people in a lift with them is endless fun, especially when the lift is packed.

There’s one more day of it tomorrow to come and then the apocalypse will miraculously dissipate.


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