The World Famous Pontani Sisters!


ImageIf the Pontani Sisters ever came to London- I would be first in line to twist and shout with them! They are trash-tastic!

Nia and I engage regularly in their Gogo-robics video, snippets of which we mash together from fragments of uploaded youtube videos, until we are out of breath. If you want to make exercise fun I would suggest a similar tactic… and this is not the kind of work out you dress down for. Oh yes! I am afraid its fringing and wet look white boots all the way. 

We succumbed to doing communal exercise one summer and our methodology was to trawl the net, as you do, looking for gymnastic anlomalies. This was the only light at the end of the tunnel and we really have tried a lot of home videos. My top 5 being:

.The pussycat doll work out

.Strictly come dancercise

.The Jordan Work out

.The Ibiza Podium Dance Out

.The Cindy Crawford Work Out

Either way, I can’t get hold of a hard copy of the gogo-robic video- so if anyone knows how to obtain it- please tell me!



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