Traid- I like the smell of their washing powder.


My flatmate told me about the Traid sales a while back. I sort of turned my nose up at them because she only wears black and I only wear colour so I became of the impression they just sold a variety of 90s black knitwear. I was wrong. I have been into two Traid stores this week, Dalston High Street and Wood Green High Street and I came away with purchases in both.

The Dalston branch needless to say … was more chic, full of hipsters and really organised (bizarrely) Which was refreshing, as I had already rolled up my sleeves ready for the rummage somewhat needlessly. Everything was 3 quid with the exception of coats and dresses which in both stores were 4 and 6 pounds. There was also an interesting range of ethnic clothes mostly African, some saris and I even tried on a floor length Chinese number. I thought about buying some African clothes so I could use the fabric but instead I bought useful, high heeled, black lace up boots, which I wore out on saturday and they didn’t even give me blisters.

The Wood Green branch was a nightmare to rummage through and was full of people. Despite this everything was £2 and I bought a purple, sparkly, cropped, polo neck,  so it was worth the effort.

N.B Watch out for Newlook and Primark shoes- they are abundant and no one should have to buy them second hand.  


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