Nano-lego, like lego but really small!

ImageThere are 80 tiny pieces of lego in this bird, which is about the size of a cadbury’s cream egg. I bought it for my boyfriend as a stocking filler. He’s very good at constructing things- I’m sure if I were going to have a crack at this kind of logical engineering the bird may have looked much less like a bird. 

This is lego for grown-ups which I think is a very nice sentiment indeed. It was a particular hobby of mine as a kid to try and interior design mini lego houses, only to get upset that I didn’t have enough lego bricks to make a roman baths. These bricks would have added the final flourishes to my interior design schemes and are extremely dainty. 

You can buy them in a range of landmarks and animals including Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia and a rabbit that comes with his own carrot.



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London based sticker and gluer.

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