Meow Meow’s Little Match Girl.

ImageChristmas cabaret from Australia- another bizarre yet charming piece of theatrics from the Southbank Centre. (I’m into Australian cabaret at the moment as I just re watched “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” again- So very sparkly). We went to see this show last night with our mum after having a little meander around the ever so festive Christmas market on Southbank. 

The show was based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale the little match girl. I’m not entirely sure what the link was between the story and the show as there was no narrative in it what so ever . It was a really odd 72 minutes, the first half was plunged into pitch darkness all apart from a few torches. For all of it’s inconsistencies and blemishes the show somehow works?- I couldn’t tell you why… I think she’s just a really good entertainer. She looks like Gaga in the “Marry the night” video, crossbred with Elaine Paige and sounds like Shirley Bassey with the Battiness of Bette Midler. (To casually chuck out a few of gay icons)

Last year at Christmas I saw “Le Cirque Invisible” in the same theatre, which was also strange but again worked really well. I reckon that someone at Southbank Centre has a really good eye for little gems that aren’t really definable by any blurb that you could put in a programme.


Both Shows Tour, I would recommend them particularly if you haven’t been to Southbank for Christmas this year. I think Southbank is the most romantic places in London.


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