Barbican’s oh so dramatic Rain Room.



This morning, I went to see Barbican’s newest installation- The Random International Rain Room. There has been a perpetually massive queue outside the attraction since it opened a month or so ago, so, upon inquiry the people at the desk suggested I came early on a Monday morning and start to queue before it opened. 

Can I really be bothered? I thought  – But I think it’s always worth queueing for big let downs because the enpassioned rage of cultural profanities that follows is always the funnest bit.

Taking the advice of a friend- I took a companion and we had breakfast whilst staking out our place in the queue. Which was already longish by the time we joined it, about 20 minutes before it opened. We had coffee, jam sandwiches, cold pizza and pineapple. A fine brunch that had on lookers both envious and disdainful in equal measure.

The piece is in the Curve gallery and is effectively a mechanical rain storm which senses your presence below it. Then as you walk through the storm it rains around you but not on to you- true genius! When we were finally permitted access to the installation I was slightly over excited/hyper on account of the queue, so I ran in to the rain, limbs flailing. (expecting to come out dry) 

I went home soggy.

Need I say any more as to my feelings about this work. 


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