The Duke of Uke


A window display I did for the shop in March. (we call her Dorothy)

Duke of Uke is a ukulele and banjo specialist just off Brick Lane. It used to have a rustic, little shop just by the Truman Brewery but they had to move about a year and a half ago to a new shop around the corner, which is nice but not so nice in a modern kind of way. They were priced out by yuppie hipster scum- a prevalent problem in London’s trendy east end. I have done a couple of window displays for their new shop and can tell you that they are a lovely bunch of people and they know a lot about string instruments.

Last night was the Duke of Uke Christmas party- so I went round to decorate the shop with holly mistletoe and paper garlands. It was fun and a bit last minute but that’s ok because hipsters are always fashionably late to a party. There is clearly a close knit family of patrons, the shop was bursting full of people and out on to the street (apparently they get a noise complaint every year) The mulled wine was good thanks to The Duke of Uke- Matthew’s secret recipe and the band (crammed into a corner of the shop) had every one dancing.


These are all the paper streamers I made for the shop… there was a load of holly I stole from the woods and mistletoe too. It was shamelessly Christmassy.

I would recommend it a visit if you’ve ever had an inclination to play the ukulele and let’s face it  who hasn’t?


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