Grant Museum of Zoology and it’s curious jar of moles!

If you like the Pitts Rivers Museum in Oxford or the Hunterian Museum in Holborn… then the Grant museum is for you.

It’s the kind of museum that if you look up.. you see a million more strange things staring at you from tops of cabinets, peeking over railings and hanging from the ceiling.

It is definitely worth looking up at the Grant museum because it is brimming with creepy specimens crawling out of every crack. My favourite bit was the row of skeletons hanging out on the 1st floor balustrade- some human, some monkey, some that look Neanderthal- they are posed like a Mafioso family cockily standing at the railing overviewing the museum. It is sinister and looks like someone working there may have been having fun with the skeletons.

I know a lot about skeletons because one of my house mates is a skeleton- Fred. He gets involved in almost every project my flat mate does and is presently a member of the cast of “secret cinema”. (He has his own facebook page and everything!)… Any way what  I mean to say is – I know all too well that when you leave a skeleton alone someone will always pick a cocky pose for him or her and almost certainly put a cigarette in the mouth.

jar of moles


It’s the epitome of dusty, old museum full of curios in glass cases but it does it so well. It is definitely worth visiting and is a nice digestible size for the amount of stuff on show.



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2 responses to “Grant Museum of Zoology and it’s curious jar of moles!

  1. Been meaning to visit this museum for ages…as a zoology student I thought it might have some interesting specimens to study…but a jar of moles? That’s unexpected…:D

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