The Lost Explorer! Being British at Somerset House.

Last night, Somerset House screened Tim Walker’s short film – “The Lost Explorer” in their basement, in accordance with their Tim Walker exhibiton. They were screening a series of films recommended by the photographer including the “Red Shoes, and of course “The wizard of Oz” (which if you know his work, explains a lot). It’s a really nice occasion- that on a cold advent evening you could take a sweep (for the umpteenth time) around their free Walker exhibition- (it’s really nicely curated), watch the skaters, grab a glass of mulled wine and watch some extremely British Cinema. The words warm and fuzzy spring to mind.

We went to see a double bill, the first film being Time Walker’s own. The film was lovely (I think that’s the best word) it was very BBC period drama. In fact all apart from a dream sequence I was surprised by how naturalistic it was and how many well known BBC actors and actresses popped up in the half hour duration of the film.

The film is based on Patrick Mcgrath’s book of the same name. And is whimsy at it’s utmost! Because I love things that are over the top-  the surreal nature of his photography appeals to me much more than his film making. However, you could tell that for him if was a real labour of love.

After that they screened “The African Queen” with Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. Which was a patriotic war-time romance in 1950s technicolour. Set in Africa, it was perfect for it’s killer use of slightly dodgy green screen on the white water rapids and it’s incredible penchant for coincidences that save the day!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!! for Hepburn and her crazy schemes to win the war!!


Half filmed in Africa, Half filmed in Isleworth Studios- What a classic!


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