Luna and Curious- Boutique vending machines for fashionistas!


Luna and Curious has a vending machine in the St Martin’s Lane hotel for designer gifts.

We went there for my boyfriend’s birthday to the ever-so stylish concept restaurant “Asia de Cuba in the foyer of the hotel- it serves Asian and Cuban food, go figure, it’s really bloody nice but I still don’t know how they came up with the idea. I was pleased to see cocktails served in jars it reminds me of student living, upcycling your nescafe empties with an etching devise we bought from Mighty Pound.

Anyway, that was a slight tangent…

Luna and Curious has a boutique in Monmouth Street selling design items like kooky candle holders- you know the sort- dead sophisticated. I was amused for at least 10 minutes by pressing the buttons on their vending machine it’s very hightech with a digital catalogue but the price tags were a bit beyond me.

I believe the idea is that you may have forgotten to buy a gift for a long standing friend or acquaintance and when you find yourself caught short you can get your quick fix whilst on the go…

That or it’s just a really cool gimmick- I approve.


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