Wonder Walls

I found this book newly out by a lady called “Supermarket Sarah” who does the most wonderful busy walls of stuff. It’s the kind of styling that I like because it’s over the top and each wall is like a little shrine of tack! I saw the book in Joy but it has been popping up in a few places like “Molly Makes Magazine” and is definitely on sale in Selfridges because she did some work for them. The idea is that designers make a wall, Sarah OKs their submission and then everything on that wall is for sale like in a shop- it literally revolutionises online shopping into an experience more anologue to the real thing.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s great that you can purchase the items but what has become obvious through this is that the walls are quite clearly art work in their own right. I know it’s simplistic but there is a certain pleasure to just having something really pleasing to peruse your eye over. 



This is her in action

I wanted to make my own wall but I didn’t want to rush into it without really collating the stuff so here is my homage to it- I just wrote down all my lady role models on the wall to give people a sketch of what I’m in to…


Wonder Walls…



This is some of the stuff I might one day collate into a wonder wall in my little princess room- it’s so glittery in there!


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