I have initiated my mermaid training! Today I went to the local swimming pool and tested out my new monofin…


I was worried it would be really tricky and I would sink and drown. This was not the case, it is a dream to swim in and you go super fast at minimal effort. A couple of little girls started to copy me and swim along side in the pool and now I know what it’s like to be a dolphin. I haven’t had this kind of attention from little people since I had pink hair, which was also popular with the girls. This fin is going to be the base for my own mermaids tail! and I plan for it to be an amphibious creation both for the sea and the land, so that I am a more cosmopolitan type siren. One who could perform both as a cabaret star and a fully functioning mer-creature. When shopping the alternative fin was really cute but not the best for adapting into a costume (it’s for kids also- as was mine but mine’s not that small and I have quite little feet )



About popty

London based sticker and gluer.

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