Morbid Tendencies

I don’t know what it is but there is definitely an air of the macabre coming out in my work at the moment. After all, everybody likes the dark fairytales where little red riding hood “whips a pistol from her knickers” better than the Disney versions, don’t they?- or is that just the people I know.

Following this inclination, I went to the Death (a self-portrait) exhibition on Thursday at the Wellcome Collection. The Wellcome collection is a modern day cabinet of curiousities. There permanent collection features glass eyeballs and hexes alike.

I saw something I recognised in the exhibition and I remembered I had looked at her work a long time ago when she had been tipped for success on Saatchi’s list of recent graduates going places and I had been quite excited by it –


This is the chandelier in the exhibition, it’s made out of bones, the pelvic bones are particularly nice.


… and this some more chandeliers I remember of hers which I saw a while ago. I think these ones are really clever and more subtle than the bones.

It’s hoover dust, rolled into balls with glue and threaded on to wire into 3 giant 11 foot chandeliers. It’s meant to represent what people leave behind them in a bodily sense- all our dead skin (isn’t 70% of dust skin?) Kind of disgusting but reminds me of the enchanted palace in Beauty and the Beast,  I wish I had a house big enough.


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