The Mertailor- He exists!

this is the mertailor’s website : (Eric Ducharme (Eric, like the prince in Disney’s Little Mermaid)  The Mertailor

This is so exciting- a friend showed it to me a while ago but the gravitas of just the knowledge that someone has a business soley catering to a mythical being has only just sunk in.  It is necessary I have my own mermaid tail at once.

All apart from my short hair and mild fear of putting my head under the water… I think I am a mermaid, in fact I’m sure of it- I love bathing more than anyone else I know.

See future mermaid related performance art once I have my tail (which won’t be very soon, seeing as I have to make it first)

It’s the most wonderful thing! – EVER!


About popty

London based sticker and gluer.

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