Drink, Shop, Do – Our new display:

When Nia and I were little, every year we knew that christmas had really arrived when on a dark and starry december night my mum would pack us up , in our pyjamas, into the back of the car and we would go and see the West End- Christmas Windows … This Wednesday Nia and I got all nostalgic about the days when we would actually have left the house in our pyjamas without batting an eyelid as we put up our first christmas window display at Drink, Shop, Do craft cafe and night club (Drink, Shop, Dance) –

“Yes sir, I can boogie if you play a certain song. I can boogie, boogie-woogie all night long!”


I love this place partly because it was a former Victorian Bath house with a seedy sex shop in the basement. – the sex shop is now a night club (what a smooth transition). When we were first discussing this they said that they wanted to promote dancing for the christmas season and so we brainstormed a few “discotastic” ideas. We wanted to use a shameless amount of glitter and neon so the window would really buzz from the street view and that way we could abandon the traditional colour schemes- We also made some christmas cards inspired by the display for sale  in the shop.

I hope it makes people want to root out their dancing shoes…




About popty

London based sticker and gluer.

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