Nia Writes:

Saturday, my mother and I visited the crafting delight that was Selvedge Winter Fair in Chelsea Town Hall. This event is not only brilliant if you need to buy some of the most beautiful presents for your friends and family at Christmas, but also allows you to see the best in crafting at the moment all under one roof. Going in with a strategic mindset, I would say, is the best way to make sure that no rock is left unturned in this rockery of brilliance, so look in all the alcoves as well as the main room or you might miss something great. Many of the crafters that I would have expected to see there were there, such as Jessie Chorley from J and B The Shop, whose work is consistently fab. However, there were some nice new surprises, such as the to die for couture shoes of Caroline Groves and Miwary’s mice head necklace which was incredible. However, my favourite thing of the day, in fact, came from the walk back to Sloane Square Station. Penhaligon’s the perfumer had placed a basket outside there shop filled with paper moustaches, each sprayed with aftershave and backed with a strip of double sided sticky tape. This cracking movember inspired piece smelled amazing and really brightened up shopper’s days. I took one, my mother on the other hand took a handful to give to her friends and my sister, which I fear is not quite what they expected shoppers to do, but does show the company our appreciation. A really great day, so I recommend looking out for up and coming Selvedge events, and if you are on the Kings Road to check out Penhaligon’s the perfumer.


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