Camden Passage

Camden Passage… was thriving today, so busy, maybe because the sun came out for one of the possible last occasions this Autumn, so we were soaking it up whilst it showed its sunny face. It looks like Victorian London. It’s hideously expensive to buy antiques from but is such a little piece of history that it is worth a visit never the less. Cloud Cuckoo Land is my favourite shop in these streets- firstly because of the name and secondly because it is a treasure trove, I bought a 50s play suit from there a while back but sadly today was not my day for bagging a bargain. The main trading days are Wednesday and Saturday, if you want to rummage at the antiques market but if not there are goof milkshakes to be shlurped and there is a lovely wool shop called “loop” (It’s handy to know where the wool shops are in London because there’s simply not enough of them)- actually that’s an idea, I might do a post on the best yarn retailers in London soon because they are so few and far between.



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