Spartacus Chetwynd

Spartacus is a girl! I’d been assuming she was a man, how embarassing!


Last night Spartacus Chetwynd was talking at the Tate. She was really refreshing, as she had no intention of upholding the formalities of the Tate institution and refused to be filmed, refused to stand at the lecturn etc. The talk was completely open, with people asking questions throughout. There was rolling on the floor and tangents a plenty. Spartacus is one of the nominees for the Turner Prize this year, I think she finds it a bit overwhelming as she is the type of girl who never really wanted to go “all establishment” on everybody. With her baby crying at the back of the room and losing all of her video clips, you could see that her affably scatty exterior was 100% genuine. The work itself  is all about fun but I find it the sort of work that is easier to get involved in and harder to watch. I think she’s just having a good time turning her life into art.

This is one of her illustrations, she tells us that she is also a bit of a painter on the sly.



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