Yayoi and the Rooftop.

I went to Selfridges in search of their crazy-golf, which I had heard so much about, it sounded epic. Bombass and Parr the jelly artisans had made a London themed/jelly themed mini golf course on the roof top of Selfridges. Having got all dolled up for the occasion I was sad to find out that the whole charade had ended a month or so ago….

A tad disappointed, though unperturbed we went to see the new wonder room! Louis Vuitton have collaborated with Yayoi Kusama after the success of her brilliant exhibition at the Tate Modern to make a range of itsy-bitsy-polka dotted goodness. The bags are a little cheap looking (even though they cost a bomb) but the shoes are par excellence- particularly the yellow ladybird shoes. They are all housed in a strange fibre glass pavillion that casts dotty shadows all over the floor, staffed by an excess of trendy and unapproachable staff.


Following this, I still wanted to see the roof top and there was a pop up tea room at hand. Granted it was chilly but there were blankets provided. The view wasn’t as exciting as I expected and it did still look like a pile of concrete but they have jellies on the menu and I enjoyed exploring london from the chimney tops.


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London based sticker and gluer.

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