Hackney House

I went to Hackney house with my laptop yesterday doing a bit of research. The place is a real anomaly… obviously Hackney Council thought its borough’s residence needed room to do stuff in and this is the result. I saw this circus tent and accompanying marquee type structures covering the space where a building ought to be, while I was looking out of the train window yesterday. It’s hard to explain but it was clearly in the void where a row of terraced housing used to be and I initially thought the circus might be in town so I alighted the train and went to investigate.

To my delight, the front of the building looked like this, I recognised it from the bus and have always thought it looked pretty cool, worth a venture of course.

Exploring inside the building was bewildering, it was a full of artisan furniture and art installations/inventions much like a degree show for a hip and happening, break away art college. There were a few people there plugged into mac book pros or having creative meetings in this stylish yet somewhat chilly building. Out the back in the circus tent was a bit of debris and some steel deck- something was in the process of happening but I don’t think I was meant to be in there I liked exploring it as it felt naughty but it was smaller than I expected. Hackney House seems unlikely and that is to be be much commended in this day and age. It’s a free space for all so it’s a good one to keep in mind if your flat mates are driving you mad and a deadline is approaching fast.



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One response to “Hackney House

  1. Jake Baxby

    Highly cool

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