…To Tunbridge Wells

Nia and I had a day down in Royal Tunbridge Wells- the Georgian spa town. We had alterior motives for being there in the guise of going to the dentist but  I’ve wanted to explore the town ever since Grayson Perry featured it in his programme about being middle class… naturally I thought they’d have good teashops and they did.

First we took a turn around the Pantiles: the old covered market. There was an old bandstand and best of all there was a pub which Beau Brummel himself frequented, “The Ragged Trousers”.

This is the plaque outside the old spa house, it makes me feel like Elizabeth Bennet

When it was approaching tea time, there was only one place I wanted to go, it was highly recommended and had the most obscene cake in the window about 12 inches high and packed full of cream. It was called Juliet’s.  Today it was really grim outside, I had forgotten my coat in the rush to get the train, and we both had to buy emergency umbrellas. I don’t know whether it was the well heated interior or the bunting, or the enormous slice of carrot cake (which was nice for not being too sweet) but it seemed just perfect- if you find yourself in Tunbridge Wells, give it a try.




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