“One must always have something sensational to read on the train!”

In the rush this morning, I clean forgot to bring something to amuse me on the journey down to Tunbridge Wells.  So we perused the magazine shelves hoping to try something a bit different, something which may inspire us for the year ahead. There were the usuals ID, Nylon, Love but we thought we’d have a go with “Tank” magazine which we only chose because it was printed on such good quality paper. They must make a loss- they only sell it for £6 and it’s like a paper back novel! Of course Nia stole it off me initially but fortunately she tires quickly of magazines, especially when she starts getting a bit travel sick.

It has some excellent articles- including the history of cyborgs and another looking at people’s ridiculous comments on YouPorn videos, which is highly entertaining and flags up many questions about what people are prepare to do when on the internet.

.It features Bruce Munro- for his neon landscapes, they are amazing, like a flock of fireflies.

.It features Ruby Khoo- of “The Little Paris Kitchen”- a favourite of mine, for being utterly adorable!

.Above all it features Christian Lacroix’s illustrious illustrations, page after page and printed so nicely. I was familiar with Lacroix’s illustrations from the ones he did for  Camilla Morton’s version of “Sleeping Beauty” but I really enjoyed seeing how he interpreted the work of other fashion designers in the magazine. He was always such a great designer and although I miss his collections very much, it’s good to see his creative flair coming out in other ways.

A good investment and one for the archive! There shall be a repeat purchase although, I warn you, it is pretentious…there are long passages of completely indecipherable artisms and frequent seemingly random quotes about post-culturalism. hmm?


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