Musical Bingo with … Jess Indeedy

This woman is awesome! She has flashy stripper shoes that have LED lights in the perspex heels. We went to her musical bingo night at “Drink, Shop, Do”. It was sold out but we managed to squeeze onto a lively table and ordered afternoon tea for dinner. At this point I wonder if I have afternoon tea too often, and it seems particularly decadent to have it for dinner with bellinis to toe… but I don’t think you can have too much of a good thing? The host of the evening (Jess) started up the first round of bingo, the game is: as you recognise the songs, all of which are banging retro tunes, you cross them off on your bingo card with your customised bingo dauber. It is reminiscent of the “Intro” round on Buzzcocks with all the tack of the Generation Game. The prizes are fabulously naff and there are many opportunities to sing along,  all together a “snazzy” event.

Jess Indeedy and her trusty side-kick DJ Helix united together in Americanarama glamour

Sadly, we didn’t win anything on the bingo… but we did win first prize in the customise your bingo dauber round, meet Bingo Betty, Showgirl of the Indie Bingo Scene!

Don’t judge her, she’s a wonder googly eyes and all!


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