Souvenir Project


Nia writes:

I have just had my first week on a foundation diploma course at Kingston University and we were set straight to work on a project about souvenirs. I decided to base my piece on blending my preconceptions of Kingston and the falsely sweet view of a place that tourist boards sell with tacky trinkets. I only generally go into Kingston if I am going to buy craft items, like embroidery thread and wool from John Lewis, therefore I used a cross stitch technique to create a stereotypical image of Kingston I created from observational drawings earlier this week. I chose a postcard as I thought it was the most obvious souvenir and I also emphasised the garish feel that so often goes hand in hand with them by using intentionally clashing and bright colours. One will learn quickly from my posts that in general cross-stitch and embroidery are my kind of thing and therefore I felt very much in my comfort zone creating this.



About popty

London based sticker and gluer.

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