Little things to make on the weekend.

Windmill Brooch.

I found some glittery fimo in a cupboard and just had to put it to use.

After a long while of playing around with my fimo, sat  infront of “Dambusters” of an evening I made this beach windmill shape trinket. I’ve always liked beach windmills they remind of sunshine and daytrips down to Brighton. It’s a bit silly but they are so simple to make and you can make them in any size or colours, all you need is a little rolling pin (I used a thick marker pen) and a scalpel blade.

Rubber Stamps

A little thing I’ve been making a lot recently are stamps out of erasers, you just draw the shape on the rubber, cut around it with a scalpel blade and your good to print.  Yesterday morning I knocked up a couple of little ants because I’m planning on making some insect print textiles soon but I’ll keep you updated.

Ants 3cm x 4 cm (I am aware the one on the right only has 4 legs but I think he looks better for being a touch wonky)



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London based sticker and gluer.

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