Little boys love aeroplanes!-

Excuse the overt sexism, I had no idea until I put up an airmail themed window display last month, that little boys and grown men go a bit gaga for magnificent men in their flying machines- I like planes and don’t think they should be exclusive to either sex, and was actually quite shocked in observing how little girls would walk straight past vaguely non-plused as I was hanging the display but boys would stop, point, and tug on their parental guardian’s sleeve to have a look.


These are my aeroplanes!

Anyway, The Science Museum would have been a great source of research, had I discovered it’s flight hall before yesterday- It’s better than the Imperial War Museum for it’s vast collection of dubious looking aircraft, which you do wonder how ever managed to defy gravity- they even have a cross section cut out of a boeing 737 and a Montgolfier hot air balloon. Here are their planes….



Chocks Away!


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