Oddono’s Gelati

Oddono’s tag line is… “Life is too short to eat bad ice cream”. It’s a multi award  winning gelateria in South Ken, so seemed worth a try for a treat after a trip to the museums.

Normally,  I would  go to the Morris, Gamble and Poynter rooms at the Victoria and Albert museum when in the vicinity. It’s beautiful! and we used to dance through it as little girls, pretending to be princesses, before it was a tearoom. Sometimes they even have a pianist on the baby grand on a weekend. But ever since they started serving jam in pre-packaged mini-jars instead of with a ladle, I have been put off… in fact devastated… suddenly the scones taste really dry.

I tried a few ice-cream flavours before settling on fig and caramel… which is gorgeous but that’s possibly because I love those spiced bottled figs you can buy in Italy. However, It still doesn’t touch Gelupo’s in Soho or the Gelateria Danieli in Richmond for sheer quality of ice cream.






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